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Maybe this will be a chance for me to be witty and elegant and show the world how sophisticated I am. Orrrr maybe I'll just swear a lot and post pictures of guys making out. Probably the latter.

Also, be warned: I'm going to completely flood this thing with Harry Potter/Teen Wolf/Doctor Who/Marvel/me being a hilarious motherfucker what of it. Just a heads up.

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Closet Capers 2013 Daily Dose: Make a play

"Hot" Magazine Interview excerpt with Colin Morgan and Bradley James (Guest Starring Origami) 

  • Interviewer: is that how you pick up girls?
  • Bradley: I actually pick up girls with various displays of origami.
  • Interviewer: You do not.
  • Bradley: Yes, I do. It's quite a famous tactic here in England. The better you are at origami, the more women you attract.
  • Interviewer: And you're sure it's not because they recognise you from the show?
  • Colin: Well, generally they're too distracted by the origami.
  • Bradley: Yes. My house is origami. I've got a car that I drove here today that is made from origami.
  • Interviewer: It must be very environmentally friendly.
  • Bradley: Yeah, big time.
  • Interviewer: Alright, Colin, coming back to Merlin - do you believe in magic?
  • Colin: After watching Bradley drive around in his origami car, I believe in everything.
  • Interviewer: Okay. Do you own anything origami?
  • Colin: No, I'm an origami wannabe. I've actually started up a support group because some people have a deficiency in their systems where they can't actually fold things. I'm a part of that group, and it seems to affect people from Northern Ireland. Anyone prone to paper cuts shouldn't even enter the origami game. It's a rough industry and certainly if you don't have thick skin, you're going to lose.
  • Interviewer: Let us guess, we're your first interview of the day, aren't we?
  • Colin: Yes!
  • Interviewer: And this is how you like to start your day?
  • Bradley: ...I usually start my day with origami.

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